Thursday, July 26, 2012

My dream: a sunroom

One of my dreams is to have a garden house. Or a sunroom, as they call it nowadays.
I would love to have an octagon or oval one, with a nice door and a few windows. Maybe two or three.

They're not difficult to build.
It's possible to make choices online and order one of the personalised sunroom kits and create a sunroom in one day.

Ofcourse for me with a red roof with a small cupola.
Because nice top is the real finishing touch.

All I need there is electricity, so I can put some lamps there and use my computer.
And it would be nice to have a bed there. A foldable one, so it won't take much space, but I can still have the feeling to be away from home.

There's enough room available in the garden.
I would put it at the place where I used to grow vegetables.
A nice spot in the back of the garden behind the large rose that's supposed to smell good but never did.

Maybe I could have a glass top, so I could lay down and watch the stars.
Oh my dear, that would be amazing.

With flowerbeds with violets around it, and honeysuckle.

Pity it's a dream for me, but maybe you can afford such a nice building.


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