Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic knowledge

Isn't it fun that small children always think mom knows everything?
It's like we moms are able to look through walls, listen through ceilings and know, just know it all.

My kids behaved well, because they had that strong sense that mom was watching all the time.

Ofcourse I wasn't.
I had to clean the house, do the laundry and all those other things moms do and trust my inner sense and ears.

The so much valued silence was always distrusted.
A swift response would catch them in the act of doing something they were not supposed to do and soon they though: "Better not do this or that, because mom always knows."

Funny thing is they're almost all grown ups and they still think there's magic behind my knowledge.

Take for instance the way the dishes are done.

This evening I came home and thanked one of the girls abundantly for doing the dishes.
She was surprised, the others too.
"How do you know?"
"Yea, how do you know it was her and not dad?"

Well, because she does it all and cleans the surface afterwards.
Her sister stops somewhere in the middle and expects the 7 dwarfs to come in and do the rest.

And I won't say anything about the boys.

Their dad puts everything in the washing bowl and expects that the dishes do themselves in some magic way.
They never do.

But those very same dishes tell me a lot more than they think I know.

That's a kind of magic, isn't it?



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