Monday, July 23, 2012

Live answering service

People asked me if I've worked during my vacations when I was still at school.
Yes, I did.

The first year I was accepted at the telephone office in our town and they made me sort out the duplicate forms of the archive.
Arund me people were designing telephone offices and that interested me far more.
Within a week I was working at a design table too, first doing the odd jobs, later running through the designs of others and looking for omitted connections.
I loved it!

The year later I was accepted as a telephone lady at the information service closer to home. It was an all women job and it took me a while to feel at ease between the gossip and accounts of marital distress. Then a male coworker was added and the whole social content changed, much to my delight.
I enjoyed it so very much that I worked there all vacations, weekends and sometimes even in between when someone was ill.
I had one of the best times of my life there, untill the computer was used as our main information source, we were listened in all the time and we were not allowed to give as much service as before.
When an old lady was afraid to call her pension office and I encouraged her I was called to the boss's office and told I was never ever aloowed to do that anymore. No nice conversations anymore, just good morning and goodbye.
Time to quit.

Now there's half a lifetime between then and now I'm considering a telephonist job again. It might be the right way to get my Scottish cottage realised.
One of my options is to be part of the live answering service at
They also provide a 24 hour's service and working at all hours was what I enjoyed a lot. My readers know I'm a bad sleeper, so I've got enough time to do so.
What do you think?



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