Thursday, July 26, 2012


There are different content management systems on the market and each has it's own merits.

Joomla is one of them.

The word is fonetic spelling of the Swahei word: Jumla. That means everything at once, all together, completeness.
The development team thought it a good representation of the bond between the developers.
Which was kind of interesting, as the very dynamic team went through a lot of commotion and changes, so to say.

To inform others they started a site called: "OpenSourceMatters" with a forum.
Within days it was crowded with thousands of people who were interested.

Joomla consists of a kind of modules and plug-ins.
The system went through a series of changes and the last long term version will be released soon.

Joomla can be self hosted by the blogger, meaning the owner of the site can decide where it's hosted. The site of Joomla provides a list where one can find the best hosting for joomla and lots of hosting reviews, showing the huge prize differences and hosting conditions.

When you intend to use Joomla you'd better hurry and click through the links of the hosting companies. Some have generous vacation offers up to 50%.

Blogging is a good way to keep record of what you have done, learn to express your opinion and get in contact with people with similar interests.
I've made some good friends, and hopefully you will too.
Good luck!



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