Thursday, July 26, 2012

ID on a tropical day

Here we need to have our passport or other ID with us all the time. By law.
It´s so annoying.
Especially as the same law states that the police can´t request to ask it without any legitimate reason.

So when you ave done nothing wrong they can´t ask for it.
So why have it with you when you´re not a criminal?

We went to get our groceries in Germany, like we often do.
Fruit and vegetales are half the price they cost here, teh breadrolls are far better, jams and gellies are at least half the price, etc etc.
Laundrydetergent and softener are about one third of what we pay here.
Need I go on?

So the cost of car-fuel is always outbalanced, as we have a large family and need a lot of fruit and veggies.

As the temperatures were very tropical I didn't need a coat, and taking a bag is not an option in those shops.
Without pockets I needed my son to keep my passport in his rugsack.
So he did.

After our meeting this evening we brought him to his house and we went home.
Then I realised that he still has my passport with him.

Which means I can't go to outside the house tomorrow.
No. I'm not planning a criminal act, so they won't ask my passport.
But.... not carrying it is a criminal act.
So they're allowed to ask for it.

It's so stupid.
But after lots of years I'm still not used to carring an IS at a tropical day.



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