Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Saw the Light

1. Has something ever made you "see the light"?

I've never seen the light as they show it in movies. I'm glad because it would have scared me to bits.
But I had an aha-experience now and then. If that's what you mean.

2. Do you believe you have any control over your luck?

A bit, yes.
Because I can have some control on how I experience what happens in my life.
It's all about reaction.

3. What is something you have had difficulty rising above?

People saying things about me that are not the truth.

4. Would you want to be rich?

Yep, no problem.
I would ask the girls to go with me on vacation.
They would get horse riding lessons, I would go for my driver's lisence, get a car, and drive to the sunset.
Would buy that camera I badly need...

Noop, I won't go on.

5. Tell us about a current or old song that helps you "face the world."

I would like everything like "climb every mountain" and songs with a rainbow..

6. Has any dream of yours come true?

Hmmm... received kids, got my bagpipes...

7. What would you change if you became "the king or queen" of your country?

Throw all the moaners out. LOL!

8. How do you feel about LGBT rights? (If you need to look up LGBT, then you probably need to learn more.)

Well, I'm not american, so I had to look it up.
I'm all for people being the way they want. Laws are to prevent fighting, not to enforce views and opinions on people.

9. Have you ever been disappointed in yourself?

Yes. High standards....

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