Friday, July 20, 2012


Last week I went to hospital for some x-rays of my hip and today I went for the results.
Like my doctor I expected artrosis, because the pain is moving along that line.

Well, the x-ray showed.....nothing.
Nothing at all!!

Ofcourse I am glad that it's not artritis and my body is structurally well enough to realise some of my dreams...whenever I will get enough money and opportunity (=time) to realise them.

But on the other hand.... the pain is not between my ears. So where does it come from?

I start the day with pain, and sometimes it takes almost all day for it to disappear.
Some nights are so bad that I wake up from it and have to walk around.
Some painmeds don't work, others do.

To me it seems the muscles are not involved, but the pain is in the hip.

Well, I guess time will tell. But i feel flabbergasted.


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