Friday, July 13, 2012

He needs that insurance

My son is a photographer by profession and if needed I take part of his duties as well.
That works well for the paper and for us.

I knew we missed something, but didn't know what when a friend dropped his camera and told us his insurance took his financial worries away.

That was it! We needed an insurance for photographers.
Apart from material damage there are also other problems like arriving too late because of road damage and being charged for it.
We've got a personal liability insurance, but he and I need a professional one too.

As the paper runs on volunteers we don't have the money to arrange an insurance like that today, but maybe we can find a sponsor to help us out.

The past months he's worked on a large order from a large organisation, so I think he's insured by them
He's going to ask that tomorrow.

Next week the town will be buzzing again because of an international event.
We'll work a lot and it's a good feel when everything is arranged properly.



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