Thursday, July 26, 2012

He didn´t see the cable cover

Yesterday we got visitors with small children.
They announced their arrival well in time, so I took some vases and other stuff I wanted to keep unbroken and put them away.

I did the same when my children were small.
Peopel told me they should learn not to touch important items in the house, and I decided there was another time to learn than at the age of one and a halve and two.
When they were able to appreciate valuable items, a few years later, I put them in the room again, together with them, and they got the responsibility to keep them clean and unbroken. I taught them how. They were focussed on the item until their attention was drawn by other things and I started cleaning them again.

No vases were broken in my house. Nothing when the kids were little.
And now they're people who care for beautiful stuff.

So these friends came with their little ones.
The grown-ups had coffee, the little ones some little kids drinks and when we started a conversation the kids payed.

Then the father suddenly looked around.
"Where have you hidden your cables?"

At first I didn't understand what he meant, then I realised and said:
"We've got a cable cover and some cord protectors."

He was very interested, especially when I told him we're using them at the office too and even the garage at the corner uses them, although those are more robust as they need to be able to take the weight of a car.

I`m glad I was able to give him a few ideas to keep his kids safe and sound.
That´s what parenting is about.



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