Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last week the Four Days Marches were walked in and around our town and the summerfestivities were held.

That meant musicbands on the streets during the day and open air concerts during the evening.
They drew such a large audience that the organisation had to make the choice to contract less famous people. Which is not a real problem, because it provides an opportunity for new artists to present themsleves.
It also means more informal concerts and funny situations.

Because I had to be in town anyway I went to the musicshop to buy d'addario ej26 guitarstrings for the acoustic guitar.

I'm not a topmusician and you won't find me playing at the summerfestivities, but when I play I like to hear a good sound and those strings are the best and very affordable too.
My opinion is that the best strings and reeds are of benefit for the listener, the musician ànd for the instrument. It's like the instrument gets better with the right fibrations.

On my way back to the bicycle I stopped for a small concert.
Two guys playing the guitar and singing.
It sounded great against the walls of the old castle. Soft breeze, setting sun. No rain for a change.
I was very focussed and even in between songs in a kind of dreamland, when one of the guys tried a spanish sequence and a string snapped.

He looked very helpless to his friend and then said. "We can't play anymore, I forgot my new strings."
By that time the shops were closed, so he seemed to be caught in the situation.

"If you fancy using D'Addario's I can help you", I said and he heard me and looked up.

"That rings a bell, so yes", he said and asked me to come past the security gate and help him out.
So we put a complete set of new strings on the guitar and had a short talk before they went to stage again.
Nice guy.

"They play better than before the break", someone standing beside me said to her friend. And he agreed.
"That one new string makes a real difference".

I had a little smile to myself. "Never change one string when you need to change strings", my guitarteacher used to say.
Well, with good strings it doesn't matter, because they last very long, but this time we replaced all three, just in case.

So I still have to buy new guitarstrings, but with those nice memories I don't mind. I'll order online, so I can use the new set for my own guitar.



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