Thursday, July 26, 2012

Custom made T-shirts

When I'm on the road for the paper I like the fact that not everybody can see who I am.
In the past I've been "famous" for a few days and I didn't like it.
On the other hand: during events and other public occassions it comes in handy when people can see I'm from the paper.
It's not necessary to provide an introduction about myself or the paper, no need to show an ID or presscard, so I can start interviewing immediately.

So I discussed buying custom t-shirts.

People can recognise us, the journalists, and we can dress quickly if needed and hide the message with a coat or cardigan if we want to.
Ofcourse we can opt for custom coats. Some papers do.
But it's expensive and now everyone wants to wear the same.
One of our journalists feels comfortable with a leather coat, I'd rather not wear a coat at all unless it rains or is too cold.

It's a pity we need a sponsor to realise our plans to use t-shirts with the name of the paper on it.
In fact the offline paper needs a large financial injection to be printed and we lack hundreds of dollars each year.

But maybe I'll order one for myself next week.
Just to show the others how it looks.



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