Thursday, July 26, 2012

Controling hunger

The past weeks I've been dealing with our pharmacy again.

They're supposed to deliver the same day, but they never can.
They make mistakes like handing out wrong medication, even with the name of someone else on it.
And they didn't give info about side-effects and risks.
It happened so often I had to file a complaint.
It didn't help one single bit, until I used twitter.

A friend told me to order online, but that's not an option.
Or is it?

Today I came across:
To my huge surprise a lot of warnings about risks and side-effects were plainly stated on the site, making clear people have their own responsibility when they won't rely on a doctor's prescription.

I can understand that people who deal with obesity and the adverse reactions of other people want to have some control over their hunger and loss of weight.
Even though society is a bit more critical of very thin models, not much has changed in the way people think about overweight people.

the past week I maailed a heath insurance about their cleams that all obesity can be controlled by eating less and moving more.
Some people benefit of a better diet and more activity, but some hormone controled types of obesity can't be influenced by those means.

People shouldn't be driven to unwise decisions to prove to others they can look different.
The older I become the more I think that one should feel at home in one's own body, no matter how it looks.



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