Thursday, July 26, 2012


When I wrote ATWT the true fans know what I mean: As The World Turns.
It's the longest lasting soap on earth and last year it stopped in my country, after it stopped before in the USA.

We'll never know the true reason it stopped, I guess. But the decision not to continue it has been a huge mistake.

many people who watched, watched the soap every day, for many years.
I watched since 1986, when my gynaecologist told me to rest in the afternoon. I said I couldn't, but he told me to make a cup of tea and sit down to watch ATWT. So I had to on doctor's prescription.
Well, I got addicted. Not to the tea, but to the storylines, the people, the fact that every day had an interesting resting point.

When ATWT oved to the evening, I had my time of rest then, when it moved back to the afternoon I adjusted just as easily to that time.
When I missed an episode I watched the repeat in the early morning, otherwise I would record it.

I only missed less than 5 episodes since 1986, which tells a lot about the series and the people playing in it.
They were pure professionals and became like family.
Even the father of the kids had no comment at all, which is quite something, because he always has a lot of comments on others.

Like many fans I like to be updated about the activities of the actors.
ATWT actors do us a huge favor to update is whenever they can.
It's fun to hear how their real lives go on, and interestingly enough, they don't mind to share it with their ATWT fans.

I try to watch the Bold and the Beautiful each day, but I often forget to switch on the TV and even forget the watch the repeat. It doesn't matter at all.
The same persons are still in love, the same are still manipulating and the same are still fighting. We forgot about the soap 2 years at a stretch and just needed 2 days to be updated.

So ATWT is it for me.

And you?



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