Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amethyst, my birthstone

I'm one of the january-girls. Born an aquarius I'm one of those peope with lots of dreams, the perseverance to realise them, a strong sense of individuality and world citizenship at the same time, and a lot more.
We're considered hard working people.

My birthstone is amethyst.
That's a purple variety of quartz and it's often used in combination with others colours of quartz and silver.

That's why I love amethyst birthstone gifts. They're colourful. And I love silver far more than gold.

Quartz van endure intensive use. It doesn't scratch easily, even though it's not as firm as diamond, en with good use it stays shiny forever.
I still have a bracelet of my gram and even though the silver is a bit worn, it's still so beautiful that I wear it often. And with much pleasure.

It's great to see that so many amethysts are used in combination with tree designs.
The tree is very symbolic in my life and I would certainly purchase or like as a gift something with both a tree and my birthstone.



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