Friday, July 20, 2012

A dream to realise

When I was young the sea was a place for a vacation.
When I was I lived near the sea for 6 months and enjoyed the beach daily. No matter what kind of weather it was, there was always something that drew my attention and made me feel happy.

Then I moved back to the town we live now and had no opportunity to see the sea for 30 or 40 years, but once.

And I really missed the sounds and the smells. The sigh of birds sailing on the wind.

A few years ago we took the opportunity to buy a railwayticket for a day endless travelling and we agreed within a minute where to go: the beach.

Since then the thought has enlarged in my mind that I want to live near the sea again.

Not just in one of those one level towns, where everybody seems to rent out rooms, but near a nature reserve or something like that.
With trees, mountains nearby and the harsh weather reaging around a little cottage. My cottage.

It's a dream that should be realised. It's the place where I want to be old. Write my books and take photographs.

Southport nc real estate provides all I dream about.
I'm now living in a university town and that means interesting conversations, study-opportunities and events I like. I expect to be as interested in good discussions about scientific subjects when I'm old, and as Southport is situated near a University town, I would get there just what I want. Including a good shopping area, where I can get my groceries, nice furniture and other conveniences which won't be very expensive.

The enormous trees will remind me of my childhood, when I played an eternity each day under the green roof with my friends. We even created our own house with the wood we found. I bet it was the first sustainable building in our area. LOL!

Dreams are to guide us, and to make us have a goal in life.

Well, mine is clear, isn't it?



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