Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 days marches 2012

Last saturday the festivities around the four days marches have started in our town.
I wanted to be there, but the rain was pouring, meaning my camera would be of no use to make quality photo's, so I stayed at home.

In fact we were glad we got the groceries in a bit dry.

Today the marches themselves started and that meant being "en route".
One of our collegues at the paper walks the marches every year, so I was still awake when he was about to start to wish him well on his phone.

Imagine that we can now be present at another person's life all the time while in the past we waved someone goodbye at three in the night and hear and see nothing about him until he arrived home.

I have to be honest: I liked it better the way it was in the past.
One could indulge in walking, for instance, without being called a lot of times.
And I can't tell you how often we tried to pay for our groceries and someone called. Ugh!

But today I valued the opportunity. Which was nice.

I also enjoyed the fact we can go there by car, do what we need to do for the paper, and get out.
In the past I was stuck for a complete day at one spot and I didn't dare to drink something because I had to use a toilet which was not available.

Well, those days are over and the 40.000 walkers and having a hard time because of the weather.



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