Thursday, July 26, 2012

2 laptops needed.

I welcome the fact that the school of the girls goes more digital, but the way they do it... that's not my piece of cake at all.

Take for instance the papers they have to write.

A paper can now be sent to the teacher by mail.
Which is great.
As more teachers work part-time there's no discussion anymore about not finding an envelope in the mailbox in time, about mislaid envelopes and such.
The teachers can see when the paper arrived and when internet traffic works well they can trust the date.
But.... internet doesn't work well all the time.
Sometimes I receive a mail that was sent to me 6 hours ago, or even earlier.
It might make a difference between dates. But I can't see a problem in finsihing a paper better in time, nor can the only daughter that's left at that school.

The problem is that even though the paper is send by internetmail, they want a paper edition too.
So the whole care for the world thing, going green, being sustainable etc etc doesn't mean a thing.
The teachers don't want to change to reading online!!

When the teachers catch the mail at home they print it there... even when they know a printed version is waiting for them at school!

I can't belief how they throw away money that way.
Yet they want us to adopt all changes without protest.

Next year one of the girls is going to nursing school.
Needed: uniform (which I know the hospital provides, so I won't buy one in advance), books and a laptop. And money for the fun things in life, ofcourse. She needs to participate in social events too.

The other one is taking her final exams.
The school will provide the books. But she needs a laptop too this year.

So that's 2 laptops!! Two!!!

I don't understand why the school wants the pupils to have a laptop.
Most have computers at home now, and the school has a computerroom with good computers they got as a gift from a large company. They're functioning well.
But the guard doesn't function well. The room isn't open all the time, closes two hours early so kids have to leave with unfinished papers etc etc.
I would think it's easier to solve the staffing problems, and more costeffective too.

No. This school solves the problem by having all pupils buy a laptop.


They don't care.

Well, I think they have to.
School needs to provide books and some other materials.
I have to look it up, but I think I saw laptops are on the list.

Wouldn't that be nice?



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