Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yoyo strings should be riskfree

As an experienced mom I'm aware of danger that others simply don't recognise.

Yesterday I had to bring a friend in a school some paperwork she needed and wasn't able to fetch herself. It was not a real problem to bring it, as I could go between sone heavy rainshowers.

When I walked to her classroom I had to wait for a moment as she was talking with one of the parents and I looked around a bit.

On one of the tables I noticed a couple of yoyo's.
They drew my attention because their strings were dirty.
I guess no one realised that a dirty yoyo string is at more risk to snap and launch the yoyo in a firm way causing injuries or other damage like broken windows.

Putting a new string on a yoyo isn't a big job, so when my friend was ready with the parent and came to me I pointed out the problem and asked her if she had any strings available.
She didn't, so I ordered them online and took the yoyos with me so I can redo them at home and thus remove the risk from the children and the school.


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