Thursday, June 14, 2012

The XBOX and health

One of the boys has got an eating disorder. He's always hungry. Because of his autism it's hard to deal with it, as he interprets all efforts to make him eat less as loving him less, withholding him something important, and so on, and so on.

Labeling his hunger feeling as something else helps him quite a lot, but the periods it works are short and the efforts to relable are huge, both in energy and in time.

So a while ago we allowed him to have an xbox and some games to make him move.

He hates leaving the house, so a fitness centre won't work. We tried it, but there was too much noise, too much light, too much from everything.
So those games were a real help.

The past weeks he's exercised with his sisters, who love to move and who consider those games a lot of fun.
I can see he's lost some weight, but he can't see it himself.
Nor does he feel it.

So we're trying to motivate him to keep moving.
Yesterday he said he would if we would buy him a new game.
Well, taking the responsibility to move and get healthy should not be dependent on us buying a game.
I think he has to change his lifestyle.
I cook healthy and provide enough fruit and fresh vegetables. But he has to do the rest.

What do you think?



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