Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wannabee scientists

One of the problems internet creates is wanabee scientists.

Sometimes they're disguised as social workers, teachers and others who are believed by the public far too easy.

The past months people with ADHD were kind of harrassed by the media.
Even politicians claimed ADHD just meant that people could not deal with busy behaviour of a child and as a consequence had the child labeled.
Well, a label won't change behaviour a lot, so it won't cure a thing.

The reason children are diagnosed is because parents and others can have a better insight in the unwanted behaviour and can get assistance to deal with it.

In the former schoolsystem every school could rely upon the expertise of a special institution that would come to observe in the classroom and give the teacher and parents advice.
Now these organisations are too expensive and each and every child needs to be diagnosed outside the school. After that teachers need to be provided with enough proof to make them change their approach to an individual one.

In theur almost holy striving for cutbacks it was and is said children should not get medication.
When asked if they would withhold insuline to juveniles with diabetes those same people reply with: "Ofcourse not"!!

Yet they got the media buzzing with motto's like: "Kids need demedicalisation" and much more.

They even published that parents are not critical and love to have their kids on meds.

So parents put their heads together and decided to start an anti-campaign.
We were able to get some wellknown psychiatrists join a parents' organisation and a site was created.

Lots of parenmts already gave very enthousiastic reactions.

Let's hope we can provide the public with good information.

But there are still a lot of scientists wannabees dressed as educationalists, child protectors and others at positions from which they can make and break kids and their families.

It worries me to bits what they can do, because we have experienced it ourselves.




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