Friday, June 29, 2012

That helmet saved her.

Yesterday we had a terrible shock.
Two motorcyclists were standing in front of the trafficlights waiting to get entrance on the roundabout.
We saw them last week, but with their gear on one only recognises them by their drivingstyle. And by their motorcycle helmet, but I have to say that sometimes they pass so fast I forget to look at it.

The last time the female driver had problems with the right speed to start driving.
Her motorcycle jumped like a horse and she almost fell off.

This time she accelarated more smoothly and before our car they entered the roundabout.

We were not driving fast, and that turned out to be a real advantage.

As we were selecting driveways and moved to the right, she suddenly got to the right too, came in front of our car, had a jump of the motorcycle again and fell.
Because we saw the last time she probably was a novice on the motorcycle we were prepared for problems, so we came to a sudden standstill very fast and luckily no one bumbed at our back.

We went outside to help her, ordered her to keep lying the way she did and not to move at all and called an ambulance. Better safe than sorry.
Her friend or brother was very emotional, so I refrained from asking him how much experience she has on the motorcycle.
I just asked him if we could call someone for him, and needed to ask it 5 times before he realised someone was talking to him.

By that time the ambulance arrived.
I commented on their sopeedy arrival and they said they had the habit of waiting beside the road nearby after some of their stations were shut and they wouldn't be able to reach people with a stroke etc in time if they had to come from the hospital.

We got a compliment for keeping the girl stable and she was put in the ambulance on a backboard.
We gave our phonenumber and asked to call us how she's doing.

In teh evening she called us herself, telling she had been very lucky. She was saved by the helmet and the fact that we reacted adequately.
Well, I think she's lucky the other drivers hit their brakes as fast as we did.
Told her to get some extra drivinglessons.

What would you have done?


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