Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Telephone dependency

I'm the first one to use this diagnostic label, and I'm sure it'll be part of the DSM VII. LOL!

Today I had a talk with the girls about the use of telephones, including mobiles.

When the kids grew up and the boys started to have terrible long talks with girls, telling everybody to leave the room, so our house wasn't our house anymore...
Well, at that time we decided to give all kids mobiles and we did away with the regular wired telephone.

They all got a certain amount of money on their phone every month and it was their decision how to use it.
And they were not allowed to phone in the livingroom anymore, nor anywhere else where they wanted people to leave.

I wanted to teach them social behaviour, awareness and a healthy approach on financial matters.

It worked.
I have to say our livingroom became much more relaxed place to be, the phonebills went down and the kids learned to say "no" to the habit of having to call back.

Now all kids have mobiles, but it's the way they use them which was the subjectmatter this afternoon.

The girls told me they were amazed by how much money other kids use and how meaningless most calls were.
"It's like they need someone everywhere they go."

I think there's a lot of telephone dependency that goes unrecognised because kids are used to using telephones.
The influences on social behaviour, self-reflection and a lot of other important characteristics of people are underestimated.
Kids can't keep themselves busy anymore, can't rely on themselves, can't be by themselves.

That's not good.



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