Friday, June 22, 2012

Strange ways to win the elections

Just a few months and we have to vote again.

In this time of recession political parties resort to the most ridiculous plans to win a few voters.

Take for instance one of the smaller parties that want to change the law against hacking.
They want to legalize distributed-denial-of-service attacks, Ddos attacks.
Ddos attacks are targetted actions to get a website overloaded so it goes offline.
These actions are often used as a kind of protest against an organisation or business.

The political party want them acknowledged as protests and not as criminal facts under strict conditions.
They should be announced in time so a judge can forbid them, and the organisation or business can take action to counteract the overload.

They consider Ddos attacks as a way of internetfreedom.

Are they nuts?

When I break in the house of someone else and take it down it's still criminal, isn't it?
Well, websites are property too and shouldn't be taken down.

It worries me that parties come up with such ridiculous ideas and take the focus away from what they really should do: generate plans for good cut-backs that won't affect poor people.



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