Friday, June 22, 2012

So a new chair

I've let you know I could hardly sit because my back and hip hurted too much.

The problem was limited to the chair at the desk.
I was already looking for a new chair, but couldn't find one that we can afford.

Yesterday one of our sons needed to look for a bedside table, and he asked if I wanted to go with him.
You know... mom's advice and such. LOL!
He's got a serious relationship with a nice girl, but he's still juggling with the male independency thing. So mom was asked. LOL!

We had a good time looking around at the furniture warehouse everybody knows.
He didn't find his bedside table.
Well, he saw some nice things but forgot to take measurements at home.

Then I discoved a chair that looked like it could be mine.

We went through quite some effort to take it from the shelf before I could try it out.
One of the salespeople even came to help apologizing for it being put there.

It was quite comfortable and the back gave some soft support, instead feeling like brick.
When I looked at the pricetag I was surprised. 7.95 euro. Wow!

We placed the chair on the shelf again and walked away after noting the numbers and where to find the package.

We walked past a table and there it was: the chair!!

The salesperson didn't even notice it. Haha.

At home we followed the instructions and ofcourse one screw didn't fit.
It's always one screw!

Well, it can do without.

I'm sitting now a lot better, and my back hurts less.
I think it will be fine tomorrow.



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