Friday, June 29, 2012

She's got her diploma!

Yesterday we went to school with one of the girls to fetch her diploma.

We had a good discussion before what to wear.
That might seem odd, but it isn't.
At the school of the boys people liked to look neat and dressed well on official occassions, but this school considers itself more down to earth. In fact they miss the opportunity to make things special and make kids more aware that the way they dress can add to an event.

My daughter bought a nice afforable dress, as you might have read before.
She had one of those shouldercardigans on it and after searching for shoes, she decided she would use a pair of mine.
She looked very nice. Not overdressed, but very, very nice.

I had an attack of "nothing to wear" before deciding for black trousers, a very nice blouse, and sparkling shoes.

When we arrived there we were confronted with 80% denim trousers, 11% other daily wear and a few people who had taken an effort to look nice.

A friend rushed to us when she saw us. Mutual congratulations followed and then she exclaimed: "I'm so glad you look nice too, I felt such an exception to the denim rule".

78 kids had to get a speech dedicated to them.....
We sat there for hours!!! From 14.30 to 18.30 !!!

Well, at least the airco worked.

My daughter was one of the very few who didn't get a negative remark.
She was the only one to hear that when all other pupils would have been like her it would have been a perfect year.
She was told she was kind, caring, supportive of others, participating in an active way, communicating with everyone at school, etc etc. She also worked hard and serious. And the speaker said he would love to be in hospital with her as his nurse, as he's sure she'll become a good one.
Everybody had a laugh before he said that, well, he'd rather not be in hospital.
She was also one of the 4 who were praised for their politeness, good use of language and that sort of things.

I wish those people who had all those negative things to say about us could have heard what was said yesterday.
Especially because they didn't withhold anything. Some boys were told they were lazy, one of the girls was intoxicated with alcohol at a party and more of those things. I was flabbergasted they were saying those negative things in front of such a huge audience. Like they liked it. Ugh.

Well, my daughter, after hearing the comment on others, was so happy she was praied such a lot that she fetched her paperwork and rose and jumped of the stage, instead of allowing a photo moment. LOL!
She was sooooo happy!

Just one kid to go.
I hope we'll be there next year and she'll get her diploma.
I'm sure she will be praised for all her sister was praised for. And for her persistence in dealing with dyslexia.
So wish her luck too.



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