Friday, June 15, 2012

She passed her exams!!!!

She did it!!!

She passed her exams!!!

We're so happy!

This morning the news said that double the amount of pupils had failed.
That was not encouraging and created a lot of stress.

I have to say she kept rather calm, but I was very nervous.
As nursing school has already accepted her it would have been terrible to be kept from going there because of the exams.

When the time approached the classteacher would start calling those who failed we sat together in the livingroom, trying to focuss on some TV program. Don't ask me which one, I don't know.

It took almost an hour waiting when not her phone, but the family phone rang.
Her sister brought it to her and she curled up on the coach and listened.
She didn't hear the teacher...well, with her ears she did, but not with her brains, but I heard what she said.

Then suddenly she stretched out completely with her hands above her head... "yes!!! Yes!!!", thanked her teacher and gave us all such a big smile a whole plane would have fitted in it.

She passed her exams!!
Isn't that great??



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