Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rotterdam in the news

Rotterdam is in the news the past days.

Yesterday the town had to deal with terrible rainshowers, flooding for example the cellars of the large cinema.
Today the underground trains were brought to a standstil after finding a suspicious bag in one of the trains at the railstation of Delfshaven. That station and some other stations were closed too. Leaving three of the four underground railways closed.

Just while I'm writing this one of the newspapers reports the package doesn't contain explosives, but there are no official statements made yet.

It's a pity, because to day a special event started at Rotterdam.
It's the 43rd Poetry International Festival.
20 famous poets from all over the world will attend.

Not all in person.
Dolores Dorantes, the Mexican poet, received so many deaththreats that she applied for political asylum in the USA and will participate on internet and with prerecorded short movies.
Among the others who give masterclasses, read from their own work, or debate are: Sascha Aurora Akhtar from Pakistan, Olli Heikkonen from Finland and Ron Silliman from the USA.

Theme this year will be : the unfinished.

Sound good, doesn't it?



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