Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preparing for exams

One of our daughters still has a year to go at school.
She decided for a higher level at school than her sister, even though she has to deal with dyslexia.

She has found the perfect balance between hobbies and school, ballet and school, and she wants to go to the ballet academy.

Right now she's working for the last test of this year.
Not rushing through the books as her sister, but qworking at her own pace in a kind of self developed gre prep.

She's online a lot and should have her own computer, but we're all quite willingly to make place for her.

First she looks at her homeworktable what she needs to do for a subject.
Then she looks up things online about it, to get an overall idea of it.
She watches small movies, looks on homeschoolingsites, etc.
After those preparations she reads her schoolbook, which takes a lot of time, but because she's prepared well and has an overall understanding of the subject reading is less difficult and she remembers facts far better.

After that she'll do the assignments.

But homework is not ready when it's handed in.

She wants the teacher to tell her how difficult the questions were, she wants the right answers, and some other information.
In her own way she makes a detailed performance analysis, and even after the test results have come in she tries to learn from her mistakes.

Each year she starts rather quiet at school, and this year the results were "as quiet" at the beginning of the year.
But now she's doing OK on all subjects and we're looking with trust to her examresults next year.



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