Sunday, June 24, 2012

Power outage

We just had a serious power outage.
I don't know what happened, but it was clearly not caused in our house.

But I have a rather good idea what might have been the case.

This weekend the annual neighbourhood festivities are held.
We've been there to take some photos for the paper.

Last week they announced a special event: a concert at the lake.
So I thought it would be something like in Amsterdam, with a large stage on the water.

Instead there were some tents between the lake and the other part of the neighbourhood, some tables and chairs, and some stands for the market of tomorrow.
Not at the least impressive.

The music was eh...well tried.

The electricity cables where on the floor. Not very safe.
I assume someone stumbled over one of them and disconnected the power without realising it.
The safety system detected the disconnection and an automatic outage was the result.

Or... they might have used too much electricity, causing the whole system to shut down.

One way or another after quite a while they found the problem, solved it and we're back in light and online.

What did I write the other day about electricity dependency? LOL!


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