Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The cutbacks are shaking the decisionmakers behind their desks.

I don't understand some of their decisions and it looks like they don't know what they're doing either.

First they wanted to close the pool of the village nearby.
They said the costs were rising too fast.
Turned out they needed repairs done and asked for quotes. It was impossible to repair below budget that way so people were told the pool would be closed.
One look of someone with true knowledge and it was clear all that was needed was a new heater and repair on some tiles. So the guy suggested a raypak heater and an afternoon training for boys of the building school.
The council agreed and the pool was open a few days later.

The pool in the east of town, the one where I learned to swim and won some competitions, was about to be closed. No money.
Then suddenly money turned up and now a competely new pool will be opened near a large playground. So both will profit from each other.

The open air pool would be closed.
People protested and the pool won't be closed.
Even better, another pool will be renovated.

Tell me, where does that money come from?


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