Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not scientific at all

Today I came across the annual reports of an organisation for alcohol- and drugabuse.
I thought it to be interesting for the readers of the paper to write something about it. Especially as the regional paper paid some extra attention to it and I thought it deserved a bit more space.

Often one has to request researchpapers, but this time I could download it.
I should have known.

They questioned a few people in the pubs in town and generalised the numbers to the whole population of the region.

Well, what do you expect in a pub?

And the later you come the more they have consumed.

We all know that, don't we?

We all know that in a pub there's a large chance you'll find people with drinking problems.
A pub is the place to look.
Not at the hairdresser, not at the handbagshop.
You'll probably end up generalising that almost no one in the population drinks.

I guess the writers of the paper forgot that.

So I wonder why on earth they wrote that paper in such a way.
It's completely unscientific.
Are they stupid?
Do they think other people are stupid?

Well, it's clear they got a lot of subsidies because they numbers of alcohol- and drugabuse users are growing.

Will be interesting to see if they have to give it back.



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