Thursday, June 14, 2012

The kids love to cook

Boiling an egg is not the favorite kitchenjob, but baking fish and other things, even baking eggs isn't a problem at all.

I think it's very important children know how to cook.

When they were babies I kept them out of the kitchen. No exceptions.
I even used to cook when they were asleep.
Kids were not allowed to enter the kitchen when I was cooking, until at a higher age and until they were able to realise that cooking is potentially dangerous.

That gave me the opportunity to watch them carefully when being present when I was cooking and teach them the ins and outs of kitchen safety.
They felt very grown up when they were finally allowed there, and would act far more responsible and aware. It was also easier to teach them.

It's interesting that some kids loved to make cake, while others wanted to learn something completely different like baking fish, creating sauzes and such.

Right now most have mastered cooking and love to work together to make a meal.

Today we had soup, potatoes, vegetables, sausages and icecream.
Not bad at all. Wow!



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