Friday, June 1, 2012

Keep your gun safe

I wonder why so many shootings take place.
Have people changed? Is there more aggression than in eras before?
Are people less responsible when they're allowed to have guns in their house?

I only know one person who had a gun.
My uncle was a policeman and he was allowed to have a gun at home.
I've never seen it.
He took no pride in it and he always kept it in a well secured safe.
In fact I didn't even know where the safe was.

People can't understand we're not allowed to have guns here, unless we're a policeman or part of a gun training organisation. And even in that case we're not allowed to transport the gun just as it is. It has to be out of sight, and without bullets.
They say we should protect our property so we need a gun.
We keep our stuff behind well locked doors. And in most cases that's enough.
Most burglaries are without guns, so why risk lifes?

Hiding a gun at the topshelf of the wardrobe is not enough.
In the past we've seen enough examples of kids finding the gun ans shooting themselves, their friends or familymembers by accident. And what about the hormone-rage driven teenagers? How do parents feel when their kids get a gun and shoot in school? the idea alone makes me feel sick.

Guns should be kept well in gun safes from
Preferably apart from bullets.
Ofcourse I understand that it's less available, but do you really tell a burglar he should wait until you've got your gun from the topshelf?
And ever thought about the fact that that same burglar could get at the gun first? Or anyone else could find the gun and take it away?

So in the safe it should be.
Some safes are even able to withstand a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and keep watertight for over 72 hours. So they can be bolted to the floor or wall and keep your guns safe.

For those who collect guns larger safes are avalable.
Always go for the most responsible option.



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