Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a few hours

One of my daughters really looked forward to the special day with her classmates.
They had to bring the books back to school and from there they would go to one of the lakes nearby to have a fun time there.

The weather was gloomy, not summery at all, so she thought it best to take her swimsuit with her.
They had all agreed that with bad weather they would go to the swimmingpool.

After that they would go to the other side of town to have a BBQ.

So I didn't expect her back before late. And we also arranged that her brother would fix her with the car if she had no one to bycicle with.

We said our goodbyes and have a nice time wishes.

An hour later I heard someone in the back garden and I went outside, ready to give a burglar a good scare.
It was her.

They considered the weather too cold....
for an indoor swimmingpool?

When it was almost time to leave again it turned out she needed to fetch a classmate who didn't know where to go.
We had a look at g..maps where she lived and looked around a bit.
The BBQ address was near the pace where I've lived half my life, so she had a good look at the screen.
Then she went.
Waving goodbye: "Till past 22.00 hours!"

Not even three hours later she was back again.
They had a quick BBQ and that was it.
She even had a look around in my old neighbourhood with her classmate because they were far too early.
Recognised the house where I lived and such.

I feel sorry she had such expectations of this day.
She herself said she had a nice time with her classmate looking around at places she saw online. Feel the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Imagining me as a small child.
She even saw the school where I was as a small girl. Had my first balletlessons.

So she had a highlight in her day and she felt happy with it.
At the same time we're happy she'll have her last year there next year.
The school has let her down so many times.
Lots of bullying, not standing up for her.

Now they need her in the board she's welcomed there.
But they forget she's given good advice a long long time before, but the teachers thought their ego was far more important than what that schoolgirl tried to accomplish.
Some teachers are OK. No problem with them.
But those two who told lies about her...
One rotten egg in a batch makes the whole batch stink at times.

Well, I'm glad her classteacher this year was a kind one.
I liked her far better than anyone before.
Such a pity she might get someone else next year.




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