Friday, June 22, 2012

The joy of internet

It's nice to see people enjoy internet.
To me it means relaxation, global communication, knowledge and a creative outlet.

More and more people have to be on internet and I feel that people are almost forced to do so.
Some payments can only be done by online banking, so older people have to go online if they want or not.

I don't think they should be introduced to internet by explaining them the how to do's of banking.
I think it's far better to make them enjoy the medium and relax by using it.
They will remember new knowledge and new usages far better that way.

One of the easy ways to enjoy internet is to help them use a free website creator.
There's no need to learn compicated things.
Just follow the visual cues and that's it.

Putting a few photo's online should be easy, but they also should know the implications of putting photos online.
Internet security is important and when they understand what can happen when you display your loved items on internet, they will soon enough understand the importance of passwords and other information.

It can be shared all over the world.

I think one of the most important things is to teach older people what physing means and how it's done, to prevent them from handing out their passwords.

But never forget the joy of internet!


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