Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've enjoyed it to bits

You know I wanted to go to England to be present at the jubilee, but the recession came far too early to realise it.
In fact we're so struggling I wouldn't even consider going to England with not enough pocketmoney, so...

So I was glad the BBC gave full coverage of the main events.
Most of us were.

So we sat here watching TV, eating english food and enjoying the fact that we were warm and dry when the boats paraded on the Thames.
No wonder Prince Philip fell ill. He stood with his wife in the fast winds the whole time, even though he and others knew his health is quite fragile. I'm so glad he's out of hospital now, and right in time for his birthday too.

Yes, I know his birthday by heart, because it's the birthday of one of our sons too.

I admire the Queen for standing the whole time, even though I wouldn't have expected otherwise knowing her the way I do. I bet our own Queen would have done the same.
She too enjoys to be on the water and She too has the stamina to put being a Queen before feeling well.

I thought the church service to be very sober and the music not very uplifting. It must have been Her personal choice, so She can do with my comments.

The other main event, the concert, was very much enjoyed.
We witnessed some wonderful moments, and enjoy seeing some of our favorites.
The sound was not always as good as expected, but with so many artists I think the sounsmen did wonderful.

I know a lot of criticism has been uttered about the TV work on the boattour.
I think the people here are more considerate of the very difficult conditions the crews worked in.
It's about the joy of the jubilee, and they pictured it very well.

So all in all we had a very good time and plan to leave for London at the next main event...when we've got the money.




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