Friday, June 8, 2012

The insurance replies...

So I needed to go to the dentist and I wanted to know what the insurance would cover.
A mail would do, I thought.

No reply...

The appointment was on monday, so we finally decided to call them on wednesday, or thursday.

She would mail.

So we waited and waited.

Friday late afternoon we got a mail with a lot of text, which involved a list of treatment details...but not of me.

So a mail back...

Later we got a call in which the woman said I was allowed a detal implant because a new period of 3 years had started.

I didn´t trust it, so when I went on monday I had made the ill decision to get the molar removed.

The dentist however had considered the financial situation too and had decided to give a root canal treatment, put a pin in what was left over of that molar and make a construction around it so he could later place a crown.
We agreed on that.

I was lucky that molar had just one root. Saved time too.

On wednesday I got another mail of the insurance company.
I was allowed a dental implant minus 240 euro and cents, because I already had one some time ago.

Me oh my, imagine I had started the implant process on monday!!!
(I also wonder where those cents come from...LOL!)




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