Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the end he was right

In the bagpipeband and at home we use quite a lot of accessories for our instruments.
I play more instruments than the bagpipe alone, and as a consequence people think I know almost everything about musical instruments.
That's not the case.

But I do know quite a lot about mouthpieces, reeds and tunign equipment.

A while ago one of the girls decided to change subjects at school.
The gymnastic lessons where interfering with her balletlessons, so she decided to take one of the artistic subjects.
She missed about 3 months of the subject and the teacher didn't bother to inform her what they had done in the former lessons, not what she had to prepare for her first one.

I feel he wanted to shock her.

So she sat there, competely new and he suddenly fired a question about Korg digital pianos to her. "Tell me something about them", he said.

In her cool and sometimes distant attitude she took her time and then answered: "They're the best."
For a minute it was completely silent in the classroom, then he looked at her and walked towards his desk and took a thing oput of the drawer and handed it to her.
"What's that?"
"Without a blink she looked at it and said: "It's a ligature".
"For what?"
"A saxophone mouthpiece".

Well, he was very impressed.

She was lucky.
The evening before I had to exchange the reed of the highland hornpipe, which is embedded in a saxophone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is attached to the hornpipe with a ligature. She sat beside me watching the whole process.

Last week she had to perfom self-composed music on a digital piano.
She didn't feel very confident, because the teacher gave a fellow student a difficult time with sudden questions.

She came home after the performance with a big smile.
She had done very well, and he didn't ask anything else than: "I think you're from a family where more people than you play an instrument, am I right?"

Well, he's right!



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