Friday, June 1, 2012

I wish you all a happy jubilee

Just one day and London, no all the UK, will be buzzing...

It was one of my biggest wishes to be in London at the time, but I won't.
Kind of sad to see the recession taking such a large lump of dreams of people.

The decision not to go is a sad one, but not as bad as the decision to give the dentist a go ahead for another implant, or some other less expensive treatment, or just to pull the molar.
I'm due to be at his practice next monday, but the insurance company hasn't replied yet.
Oh well, they did, yesterday, but they replied on another person's case. Not mine.
So when they won't reply I'll go for the cheapest option: pull the thing.

It's not that I like that decision. But what to do when kids need to eat?

So we'll watch the Queens jubilee from here and from internet.
Wish the BBC would ban the i-player for a few days.

Well, I wish everyone, especially HM the Queen a very special jubilee, with lots of happiness and hopefully good weather too.




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