Friday, June 22, 2012

His van with the job side security boxes

Now our kids and their friends grow older life isn't becoming less interesting. Even though I have to say that when they were little kids I enjoyed the simplicity of life.

The other day one of the friends of our boys paid a visit.
It was so nice to see him.
A full grown man.
Still with his curly blonde hair, but also with a low voice and the self-esteem that belongs to his age for people who do well.

I was a pain when he was young. I remember telling him he was not welcome in our garden for a whole week, because he was bullying another kid a bit. He felt so bad, but took it serious and reported at my door precisely 7 days later. On the time!

he now travels around the country to fix complicated heating problems other technicians can't solve.
he showed me his van, with equipment carefully stored away in job site security boxes.
We had a good laugh, because he used to be one of the most untidy people in the world. His mom complained about him a lot.

"She's now proud of me", he said.
Well, she should be.
I even felt proud, and I'm not even his mom or aunt.
But he was a very important part of the childhood of my children.
And it was good to hear he's grateful for the way I didn't accept some of his behaviour at that time. But most of all he's grateful for the way we accepted him in our lives and treated him the same as our children.

When he walked our and waved goodbye I knew that was not the last time he popped in.
Soon he'll come by with his girlfriend. Isn't that nice?


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