Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He's got his scales

Our autistic son wanted scales.
He's got an eating disorder and is hungry all the time.
Complicating factor is that his medication also induces hunger and prevents weightloss.

We're very happy with his present psychiatrist, because he tries to find out where the problems come from.
The former ones just acted like his weight didn't matter.
I've complained about it a hundred times and only on two occassions something was done: writing a letter to let someone else deal with it.
Resulting in other doctors stating it was up to the psychiatrist to find a facility to sport alone.
Well, it's not here in town.

Because I keep commenting on his unwanted behaviour and giving positive feedback on his good behaviour, my son is very aware of his problem.
I cook healthy, provide a minimum of extra's, but he's still huge.

Last week he got his weighing balance from AffordableScales.com.
He is very happy with it because he's able to monitor his weight himself now.

I'm also trying to make him keep an eating diary.

And when he lives at his new place I'll give him a recipebook for healthy meals.

Right now I'm trying to motivate him to help a younger boy who needs to exercise.
That way he'll move a bit more himself.


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