Friday, June 22, 2012

He wants quality

My father had a very nice wallet and he had it for years.
He was careful with it. Even impregnated the leather once in a while.
I don't think it's necessary nowadays.

The leather wallets for men are already well prepared for heavy duty at the factory.

One of my sons, the security guard, needs a new wallet and he said he wants one that looks professional and is of high quality.
It was fun to hear him talk that way, and I know where his sudden shift form carelessness to quality comes from.

People in his profession wear identity badges all the time and the past year he had to deal with lots of card holders and sleeves that didn't even survive a day.
Except for one badge holder that he got from his father after he received his diploma.

It's not always allowed to wear your own card holder, but on the better security jobs people are more aware of quality and allow personal sleeves and such as long as they are transparent.

So he now wants quality for his other things.
Ofcourse we agree with his improved lifestyle.

It's nice to see such changes.


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