Friday, June 1, 2012

GPS for Bikers

I didn't know there's a GPS available for bikers, so when I saw a motorcycle standing beside school with a gps system on it I went there to have a look.
The owner, one of the teachers, was just arriving at his motorcycle and he was quite willing to explain me everything.

He told me his GPS system has been created by bikers for bikers, so it fits the needs of a biker in a perfect way.
He's got a garmin zumo with additional uses. There's a gauge attached that controls the need for fuel. It's waterproof, fuel proof and it even can withstand fuel spillage.

It was nice to talk to him.
He's very proud of his motorcycle and when he started to show me details, some pupils came to watch too and within minutes it looked like ge was giving a lesson about how motorcycles are built and what people can do to personalise their own bike.

He offered me to take me with him for a drive around the area, but I had to go home.
I'm sure there will be a better time for it.


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