Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A good meeting in a restructured office

One of our people at the paper rearranged the office.
I'm so glad he did.

It looks far better even though the furniture is far too old and shabby to my taste.

The meeting was a real pleasure, even though two of the people had to be guarded constantly because of the tendency to start a meeting of their own. LOL!

But we had a good meeting, made some nice appopintments and above all: felt inspired.

I want the office to be a place of energy and inspiration.

My friend is about the return. I expect him later this month.
He won't agree with all the changes, as he's a person who want things to stay the same.

But moving forward is best and those who are present agree they feel much lighter and start to feel a bit better equiped too.

I myself feel like I'm up to start bicycling to the office again after my 4th son has found a place for protected living.
We've got our first meeting at the house at the end of the month.
I guess I have to restart the "a place to live" series.




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