Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gifts and decsions

The parents of one of the classmates of the girls are so very sure their daughter has passed the exams successfully that they are looking for equestrian apparel as a gift.
Especially now the economical situation is hard on most people there has been a huge discussion in how costly gifts for a diploma should be.

It made us even more aware how important it is to feel the joy of accomplishment in yourself, when you've passed the exams. Because that's where people draw motivation on to move forward.

It's fun that I thought that but didn't say anything, but our own daughters said so.
Ofcourse small presents are appreciated and we'll take care of that, but they both have the hobbies they themselves have chosen and when they need a present for their hobby they put it on their wishlist.

The classmate in question has been horseriding since she was 6. The perfect age her parents thought to start a career in that area. They would have loved to see their daughter participating in the Olympic Games and they have been "motivating" her to work hard towards that goal.
The girls had her own horse when she was 10 years young.

My daughter enjoyed finding out what she wanted to do next: nursingschool. It's a positive decision. Hèr decision.

But their daughter needs to study for veterinarian. She doesn't want that and I won't be surprised that in the end she'll end up a nurse too.

I hope it'll be a positive decision, made by herself.


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