Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The finish of a red carpet

Just a day to go now and we'll know one of our girls has finsihed her final exams or not.
I have to say I'm quite nervous. Probably more than she herself.

So I'm glad people have asked me to help out to organise a special event in town.

It involves a red carpet event.

I just received a few photos (not to be used for a blog, sorry) and immedaiately I saw what was missing to give the carpet just that right finish to make it special.

I'm talking here about portable stanchions.
They need to be put alongside the carpet, but also at the beginning to keep people from entering the carpet before the event, so we won't be confronted with people vacuuming the carpet just right before the start of the event, offering the media a sight we don't want to offer.

So we discussed the matter by phone and it's decided to order the stanchions in gold colour, and the ropes that need to be put between them. Red with colden snap ends.

It sounds strange perhaps, but they'll fit perfectly the interior of the hotel where the event is held.
The entrance is with lots of red and a bit black, and the accessories are golden. There are even golden picture frames.
So the theme is drawn into the reception area, which gives a true feel of glamour.
That's what one should feel when walking a red carpet.


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