Friday, June 15, 2012

A familiar face

His face was slightly familiar, so when he passed me I looked at him to find out who he was. Someone from my past?

He felt someone was looking at him and looked up, a bit puzzled.
Then he stopped and stared at me.

"Sorry", I said. "Your face looks familiar."
"To you, yes."
He smiled and vaguely a younger face started to emerge from my memory.
"Give me a minute."
He smiled again and then I knew who he was.
Someone I tutored at university and the only one who thanked me with a book with wonderful poetry.

We went to a restaurant for a cup of coffee and some memories.
After his studies he worked a while in his profession, but then had to take over the family business. Now he's a catering equipment supplier.
It turned out we have mutual friends, so we will meet each other in the near future, when we plan birthdays and other social events a bit careful.
It will be fun to see his family, as his wife is one of my former students too and his children look just like he looked when he was younger, he told.

I'm so glad that he recognised me and gave me the time to refresh my memories.
It seems to be so long ago we were at university.


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