Friday, June 22, 2012

Electricity dependency

The past year we've been confronted with a lot of problems reaching the online bank.
It's ridiculous that we are forced to handle more and more administration online whereas the system can't handle it at all.
Even the tax office couldn't been reached due to too many people needing to fill in the online forms.

Why do we need to go online?

It's nice to protect nature because we're not using as many trees for paper.
But is using internet as cheap as it's suggested?
Electricity is needed.
On the side of the bank to keep our accounts updated and accessible, and on our own side, to go on internet.
Many people have a lamp near the computer to ease their eyes.
Disposing of old computers and manufacturing new ones costs a lot to and creates even more pollution.

I don't like the fact that we've become so much dependent on electricity.
The past years lightning has caused an increasing amount of damage.
For a large part due to the fact that electricity was not available.

It's not only because at home we can't reach our money anymore, it's also we can't pay in shops, sometimes can't even enter them, can't use certain trains, freezers won't work, etc etc.

Today one of the towns that was hit by lightning last night is still mainly without electricity.
People are complaining a lot.

Even medical care is compromised because the computers won't work and electricity is limited at medical facilities.

It worries me that so many people's lives can be put on hold because electricity dependency.



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