Thursday, June 14, 2012

A dream and some thoughts

Last night I had a dream and it bothers me a bit.

We went to see the baby of a friend and I thought back about how pretty my kids where as babies.
Most of them had black hair and big brown eyes, which drew the attention of people because most people here have blue eyes as a baby.

I guess that must have triggered my dream.

The dream was colourful and very real, which made me feel a bit confused when I woke up. Which is something that doesn't happen often.

My dream was that suddenly it was discovered that my uterus was quite large.

Well, I don't have a uterus anymore. So any offspring will come from my children, not me.

I also considered it could be a warning.
My uterus was removed about 15 years ago.
Since then I had a check-up and that was it.

My father and siblings all died of cancer, so I've always been aware of the signs and signals and I attended breastcancer screening every two years.
The last time I've even agreed to go next time with one of the women in the street, as we were called to hospital at about the same time each year.
She's always very worried as she imagines herself dealing with a bad outcome of the screening.
I'm always far more positive. I'm very happy it's possible to diminish risks of a late detection and that in case of a bad outcome it's probably cancer in a very early stage, well treatable with as little discomfort as possible.

I think that when you live in fear all the time you're wasting precious time.

Maybe the dream told me that.
To honor each day.

Well, I already try to do so.




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