Friday, June 1, 2012


When I was young my grandma took it upon her to tell my mother to make me watch the first landing on the moon.
She was quite firm about it and so I watched the event, with millions of other people, in black and white.

I've kept my interest in the sky ever since.

It was a delight to be able to witness launches and everything else just from my computer, and when the ISS crossed the sky above our heads I took some of the kids to see it in the middle of the night, thus creating memories they'll never forget. (I hope)

I didn't witness the launch of the first commecrial flight, however.
Too busy with other things, or too sleepy. Don't know.
I knew it arrived at the space station and that was it.

Until yesterday I felt the need to check NASA TV.
It happened before and then I turned out to be just in time to witness something phantastic, so I listened to this urge again and there it was: the dragon, just seconds before leaving the ISS.
So I saw it leave, and while keeping a close eye on the potatoes and vegetables cooking in the kitchen, I witnessed the dragon entering space, and splashing in the ocean.

It was amazing that it took such a short while to return to earth.

I wonder how long it will take before humans can go to the ISS and return in a weekend.
Pity our André Kuypers won't be there anymore by then.

So I've watched a dragon in sky.
Hope that when I go up it won't be the year of the monkey. LOL!


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